HLB Plastic still stands as one of the leading plastic injection moulders West Midlands. Renowned for sourcing the best raw materials, cutting plastics to the highest degrees of precision and our incredibly speedy turnaround – we are the right men for the job!

We manufacture large and small batches of a wide variety of plastic products, from components used in aerospace, automotive and rail industries to tiny medical syringes and gardening tools, no matter what you require, we’ll mould it!

Finding plastic injection moulders West Midlands is easy, but finding a manufacturer with such competitive prices, fast turnaround and exclusive delivery services is less common. We operate with efficiency and client convenience in mind and now offer a fantastic auto bagging service, which packages your products up so they are ready for the shelves as soon as they leave our warehouse. We also have our own delivery fleet which ensures your products will be protected during transportation and reach you as quickly as possible, at a time that suits you.  

Plastic Injection Moulders West Midlands | What We Offer

Here at HLB we can manufacture a wide range of material from acrylics, polypropylenes, polystyrenes, and polyethylenes to higher spec engineering grade materials such as Nylon 6 and glass-filled materials. Although there are plenty plastic injection moulders West Midlands, there are none quite like us. As a proud family-owned business, we are not only ideally located in the centre of the UK but also have fantastic links with external suppliers and encourage use of local resources. We continually keep an eye out for up and coming materials and products which have not yet reached UK plastics market. This ensures we continue to provide a technologically advanced, reliable service which ensures your products will stand the test of time and look fantastic too!

We place client service at the forefront of everything we do and pride ourselves on our competitive rates. We have an enviable knowledge of the industry and an even greater amount of experience. So, if you want to find reliable plastic injection moulders West Midlands, or to no more on plastic injection moulding, then you’ve found us! over to our website for more information or call us on 0116 276 6363 for a free quote.  

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